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Hollywood’s Antichrist Agenda + Quick Hits

Tipping Point Show (06.20.24)- Subscriber Version

I apologize for the delay in releasing my usual Wednesday video, which includes Part 2 of my interview with Ryan Pitterson as we continue the discussion about his documentary, “End Times Nephilim Deception.” We focus on the growing deception around the Nephilim and fallen angels that is being pushed in movies, TV shows, books and video games targeted at our youth. We also discuss the Rapture, Tribulation and demonic activity today.

To prevent filling your in-box today with Tipping Point content, I am combining this weekly video with my usual Thursday Quick Hits. You’ll find the Quick Hits below. Thanks so much for your support! ~ Jimmy Evans

Israel on the Verge of War with Hezbollah

While 80,000 residents of northern Israel have been forced to evacuate due to daily rocket attacks from Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, the United States is already warning Israel to hold off on a military response. Tensions are flaring.

U.S. negotiator Amos Hochstein, a Biden aide, has been in the Middle East this week trying to calm Israel as the nation seems to be hurtling toward all-out war with Hezbollah.

The Jerusalem Post reports on the latest actions:

“The message to Israel is, don’t do anything in the North,” US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said, as US President Joe Biden’s special envoy Amos Hochstein visited Israel on Monday, with plans to head to Lebanon on Tuesday.

“We don’t want to see escalation at all in the North. We’ve made that clear to the government of Israel directly,” Miller said.

He said the ongoing aggression is a situation “that has to be resolved” because so many Israelis are in danger due to attacks from southern Lebanon. But the last thing the world wants to see is Israel’s war with Hamas taking on a second front, to the north, against Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israeli politicians are already issuing warnings and preparing for action. Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Tuesday that Hezbollah would be destroyed in a “total war” involving Israel:

“We are very close to the moment when we will decide to change the rules of the game against Hezbollah and Lebanon. In a total war, Hezbollah will be destroyed and Lebanon will be hit hard,” Katz said, according to a statement from his office.

Hezbollah has been making threats against Israel since the October 7 attacks, but the situation has escalated over the past few days—including strikes by Hezbollah against civilian targets in Israel. Only two thing that may stop the attacks: a devastating offensive by Israel or a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Biden administration is still working toward a ceasefire.

What would a war between Israel and Hezbollah look like?

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