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The Unseen Role of the Israeli Defense Forces

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This week on the Tipping Point Show, I am joined by end times expert and author, Bill Salus. Bill joined us a few months ago as we talked about the coming wars in prophecy before the Israel war began.

Today, we discuss the two-state solution and God's peace plan as mentioned in Jeremiah 12. We also take some time to explain the role of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the prophecies involving them. To wrap up this episode, we will dive into the Psalm 83 war and our beliefs about it.

Free Book: What’s Next? The Israel-Gaza War

What's Next? Israel-Gaza War

While we wait on Amazon to approve the book Mark Hitchcock and I wrote together called What’s Next? The Israel-Gaza War, we are giving our paid subscribers a FREE digital copy of the book.

We are hopeful Amazon will make the paperback version available on their site soon, and we’ll let you know when it is available to order so you can get physical copy for yourself or family and friends.

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