Worldwide Good Friday / Easter Communion Service

Letting you know the details on how you can participate

As I’m sure you know, this coming Friday is Good Friday and next Sunday is Easter.

Pastor Robert Morris and I have joined with leaders across America and around the world to organize a worldwide prayer movement called Unite714. The details of how you can be involved in this are on the website

We are also coordinating a worldwide Good Friday / Easter communion service. This will be done through each individual church and believer participating in their own way. Some churches will do this on Good Friday and others will incorporate it into their online Easter services. At Gateway Church, Pastor Robert is taping a communion service online that will be on our website this coming Friday so you can participate at any time you choose. The web address is

Pastor Robert will also be preaching this coming Easter weekend and that service will be aired first online on Good Friday at 4pm. After that it will be available on demand for the rest of the weekend and beyond.

This Palm Sunday weekend (April 4th & 5th) I preached a message at Gateway Church called “Overcoming Fear”. It is on our website and on YouTube if you would like to watch it. I believe it will bless you.

In regard to how you can participate in the online communion at home, the main thing you need to do is simply prepare the elements for you and those with you. Pastor Robert will lead you in taking them.

At church we use grape juice and a small unleavened wafer. But you can use anything at your disposal. For example, you may not have grape juice or unleavened bread. So, feel free to use regular bread, crackers or something like that.

Also, rather than grape juice, you can use any juice you would prefer. Some churches and believers use wine, but that is something that depends on your own personal convictions. The elements are symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus. That is what makes them sacred and special.

I hope you will join us for this special Good Friday / Easter communion service and for our Easter service as well. Remember, we are believing together for a Passover / Easter miracle to break the power of this coronavirus plague.

I can’t imagine anything more powerful than the worldwide Body of Christ coming together on Good Friday and Easter to celebrate the victory of Jesus death and resurrection through communion. This is a special opportunity for us to experience a true Passover and an Easter miracle such as the world hasn’t seen for two thousand years!

In case you missed it, here is the YouTube video of my Palm Sunday message this weekend at Gateway: