The Tipping Point Prophecy Update is a newsletter designed to bring hope and biblical context to current events happening in our world. We are living in a moment of widespread uncertainty. People are fearful. The news is almost always negative. That’s because we are living at the end of the end times. But God gave us Bible prophecy not to cause fear but to bring us hope!

It is more important than ever to bring our message of hope to those who are confused, frightened, or upset by the state of the world. We want to prepare believers for the return of Jesus Christ.

Launched by Pastor Jimmy Evans, Tipping Point provides video teaching, interviews about current events, question-and-answer segments, and explanations of breaking news and world events to help you better understand biblical prophecy. By keeping an eye on current world events as they unfold, Jimmy Evans and other contributors guide readers through Scripture, helping believers find hope, peace, and encouragement despite the chaos of today’s world.

This timely email newsletter draws on decades of pastoral study, experience, and biblical expertise to answer these questions:

  • Do current events in Israel have anything to do with the end times?

  • Should I be worried about artificial intelligence or cryptocurrency?

  • What does the Bible say will happen in the last days?

  • Will today’s wars lead to something bigger?

  • Are prophetic events happening now?

  • How do current events tie into end-times prophecy?

  • How can I prepare for the future?

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Jimmy Evans: The founder and president of XO Marriage, Jimmy has studied end-times prophecy for nearly 50 years and shared his expertise with millions of people worldwide. He is passionate about helping believers find hope, peace, and encouragement in the Word of God. Jimmy’s recent work has focused almost entirely on end-times prophecy and is the culmination of a lifetime studying and preaching on the subject. He is also the author of more than 50 books including Marriage On The Rock, Strengths Based Marriage, The Overcoming Life, The Four Laws of Love, and I Am David. Recent end-times books include Look Up!, End Times Answers, and Where Are the Missing People?

Mark Hitchcock: A former attorney and judge, Dr. Mark Hitchcock is the senior pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, and an associate professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the author of more than 30 books on end-times prophecy, including The End Times Survival Guide, ISIS, Iran, Israel and the End of Days and Russia Rising: Tracking the Bear in Bible Prophecy. Recent books co-written with Jimmy Evans include What’s Next? Israel-Gaza War and What’s Next? AI & the Antichrist. His books have been translated into more than ten languages and sold over a million copies.

Brian Schrauger: A journalist living in Israel, Brian provides on-the-ground reporting and video interviews from the Middle East. He is an author, speaker and regular contributor to publications including The Jerusalem Post.

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  • Equips believers. From my latest book, 77 Prayers to Prepare for the End Times: Equipping Spiritual Warriors for History’s Final Chapter, to books like our What’s Next? series, End Times Answers, Look Up! and others, we are working to educate Christians about the end times.

  • Creates a movement of prayer. For paid subscribers, the comment section at Tipping Point has become a tight-knit community where individuals post prayer requests and show prayerful support of others.

Praise for Jimmy Evans and this newsletter:

“End times and prophecy are on the minds of believers everywhere, and there is no one better than Jimmy Evans to inform and instruct on what is next for God’s people. He is a favorite of the Joni Table Talk viewers and I am certain Tipping Point will answer many questions for those looking for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ!”
Joni Lamb, cofounder, Daystar Television Network

“Exploring the prophetic parts of Scripture can be tricky, and no one handles them with more care and insight than my friend Jimmy Evans. Drawn from years of thoughtful Bible study and meticulous historical research, Tipping Point shines like a beacon of light through the circumstantial darkness of worry, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.”
Chris Hodges, senior pastor, Church of the Highlands and author of The Daniel Dilemma and What’s Next?

“Jimmy Evans offers a deeply biblical, well-researched, and incredibly powerful perspective on the end times that now more than ever is critical to understand.”
Rabbi Jason Sobel

“Pastor Jimmy has always had an incredible ability of bringing understanding to this seemingly complex subjects.”
Dr. Jon Chasteen, president of The King’s University, lead pastor of Victory Church

“[Jimmy Evans] effortlessly connects 2,000 year old biblical texts with today’s headlines and points it all towards God’s love for his people. His passion and understanding of biblical prophecy is second to none!”
Jimmy Witcher, senior pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church

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Frequently asked questions

Why are you charging for Bible teaching? Why isn’t it free?
Tipping Point is an international media ministry with multiple employees, top production values, and experienced contributors. Just like pastors and church staff are supported by a salary, our contributors, editors, customer service personnel and other team members are compensated for their time and effort. We know most families are willing to pay $7/month to Netflix for entertainment, and we believe a $7 monthly subscription to Tipping Point is even more valuable.

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Founder of and XO Marriage. He's the bestselling author of over eighteen books including the prophecy book Tipping Point.
Pastor, Evangelist, and Founder of Harvest Ministries. He's led more than half a million souls to Christ, and is passionate about seeing more get saved before Jesus returns.
Senior Pastor of Faith Bible in Edmond, OK, Associate Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Author of over thirty end-times related books.
Luis is a dynamic conference speaker and writer, and also the founding pastor of VIVA Church International in Dallas, TX alongside his wife Kristen.