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Chaos & Antisemitism on College Campuses

Marking the End Times (05.02.24)- Subscriber Version

This week on Marking the End Times, I'll discuss the rising antisemitism on U.S. college campuses. I'll provide staggering statistics that show the declining support for Israel across America, and explain why I believe this is a significant sign of the approaching rapture.

I also answer questions such as, “Can you miss out on the Rapture if you are sinning at the split second of the Rapture?” and  “Do you think, when we get to heaven, we will recognize ‘famous’ people up there?”

New Book: AI and the Antichrist

Pastor Jimmy and I have been working on a new book in our What’s Next Series about AI and the Antichrist. What’s Next? AI & the Antichrist details what the Bible says about this coming leader. We also write at length about the technological innovations—like artificial intelligence—that are paving the way for his rise to power and ability to take over the world’s financial systems, monitoring transactions all over the world.

Order AI & the Antichrist

Tipping Point Conference 2024

The Tipping Point Conference is now a two-day event, and will be Friday, September 20th and Saturday, September 21st at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX. Don’t wait to get your tickets as we priced the event to fill it up.

Paid subscribers can get 50% off ticket prices, which means there are seats as low as $25 with your discount! *Subscriber discounts are not redeemable during the free trial period.*

Please remember to use the email that is connected to your Tipping Point subscriber account when you register for the conference.


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