Thank you Pastor Jimmy.

I have a friend that is a self proclaimed agnostic and he wants to debate everything I say. However, I get confused when speaking with him about my faith in God.

I lost a 21 year old son 18 years ago yesterday from cancer and so did my friend when his son drowned in a nearby lake a few years ago.

After the loss of my son I tried to run from God because it felt like He let me down. Since then I have learned to just trust God no matter what. My friend is still running away. He knows the word more than I do and he is considerably much older than me.

Somehow God put us together to be friends and I believe he is watching my every move.

This teaching of free will is spot on and I will share it with him with hopes he will listen and God will move on him beyond his understanding and reasoning.

Thank you for your ministry and passion for Christ.

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What a great message! Our loving God gives us a choice. And His blessings are more than anyone can imagine. His faithfulness to His promises to us... He never let's me down. He answers my every question. Thank you. I read this with my morning coffee and my heart is full. Thank you.

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Aug 13, 2023·edited Aug 13, 2023

So true, Pastor Jimmie, so true. Someone who says a loving God would never allow anyone to go to hell is, just as you said, rejecting any higher moral authority than themselves and rejecting any consequences for their own choices. And, as you also noted, rejecting any ultimate justice. So why, if God knew we would sin and disobey, did He give us free will in the first place? Because he created us in His image and free will is one of the attributes of that image, and because God didn’t want to create preprogrammed robots. He wants creatures who freely choose to love and obey Him. We all know that we can’t force someone to love us, and even if we could force them, we wouldn’t want to, because we’d know that it wasn’t real.

I think the scariest passage in the Bible is one that Jesus himself said — wide is the gate and broad is the road that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat. But strait is the gate and narrow the path that leadeth to life, and few there be that find it. That is the most sobering thing one could ever hear.

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The daily choices that we make can determine where we spend eternity! The devil is roaming around seeking who he can destroy. Focus on Jesus with every decision! AMEN!

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Great Sunday morning “wake up” Grace so abundant and free, to all who will just take it!!! Thank you Father for your provision bought by your Son, so that, we can spend eternity with you.

WE WERE MADE FOR ETERNITY!!!!! That’s why we long for it with all of creation. Praying for us all Tipsters🙏⛅️🎺✝️✡️

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The garden also revealed the tactics of our enemy. Satan. His tactics never change. Imitate God and infiltrate all things of God. He’s the father of lies and comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy! The Lord put this on my heart when I asked what?

He comes to steal my faith.

He comes to kill my hope

He comes to destroy my joy.

You can move the faith, hope and joy around in that sinister plan. In other words, he comes to steal my faith, hope and joy. He comes to kill my faith, hope and joy. He comes to destroy my faith, hope and joy.

Satan’s tactics never change, yet he does evolve with the times and culture. He can be very subtle and very bold. Today it seems like evil has stepped out of the darkness and bodily walks in the light. Pride in my opinion. They have announced their plan and to heck with anyone who doesn’t like it.

Spencer Smith has posted his 4th edition of 3rd Adam (Satan). He exposes our enemy in our music and churches. Mystery Babylon and Divine Feminism.

In any war, a critical strategy is to know your enemy and be able to identify him on the battle field. This documentary is one way to see your enemy at work since the garden, moving throughout history. Highly recommend it. I will share the link to part 1 in case you want to watch.


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Good word, Pastor Jimmy. God doesn’t send anybody to hell, they send themselves to hell. You hit the nail on the head that’s for sure. And you explained it so well. It’s pretty simple, John 3:16. Choose Jesus, and have eternal life, reject Jesus, and perish.

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Here is a beautiful scripture that I share with others: "For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you by His poverty might become rich" - 2 Cor 8:9. Why would anyone want to reject the Son of God when He willingly sacrificed himself for all sinners, though He was perfect and blameless? It was a heavy price to pay (the heaviest of all time). He most definitely did not do this so that everyone would be allowed into heaven. He gives us free choice to believe that He did this for us all who believe in Him (the only way).

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Happy Sunday y’all! We’re still burning up in TX🥵 My mom said yesterday, we are having a cold front this week. It will only be 99° lol That made me laugh. Pastor Jimmy, this was an excellent word on Salvation, sin & the reality of hell for the lost. I always appreciate when posts like this are shareable and easy to understand. We are all called to be fishers of men…. keep sharing the good news and love big!!💛🎣🙏🔜

It’s not too late to buy a ticket to the conference in September. If God is moving your heart to come…. Come on!!!

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In these most difficult times of life, in our anger and extreme pain, our faith is what ultimately gets us through it. I remember the pain and anger my parents had and what they went through, but ultimately that is what brought us all through it. I had 2 other siblings as well and we all struggled with our faith, but we all returned to our faith in God. Something that I remember to this day is at my brother’s funeral, my mother’s first cousin who preached the funeral said, we all know that in the summer of 88, we could all be watching our television when Damon wins the gold in the Olympics. But he would tell me now, I have won the gold and I don’t need that one. Damon was a swimmer and very very good. He graduated high school in 1984, qualified for Olympic trials where he swam very well,even though he didn’t make the team that year. He was also awarded a full swimming scholarship to university of Texas. He was only able to go his freshman year. It was at the end he was diagnosed with bone cancer and passed away 2 years later. He still owns a few swimming records for the state of Louisiana, some over 40 years old. He was destined for great things, but now we all realize God had him destined for something much greater!

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I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative (or constructive 😂🤪) on a thread I wrote this mornin thru Substack. Still trying to figure out how to publish content on it.


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Pastor Jimmy, this is the best explanation I have ever heard, and a big 'thank you' for allowing us to freely share. I have posted to Facebook.

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This was great! I recently heard John Bevere say he’d asked a pastor that had fallen into an extra marital affair - the man was trying to make things right so John curiously asks him “when did you fall out of love with God?” The pastor replied, “ OH, I never stopped loving God and praying! I just didn’t fear God!” That said it all. It explains so much! It’s also very concerning that there are many living that life and thinking they’re going to be just fine. I’m praying that God restore those that are in this same situation. That He will restore their first love. That He will show up in such a way that they can’t ever turn their backs again! 💜

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Awesome post Pastor Jimmy! Thank you.



Carter Conlon Times Square Church NYC 8/12/23



Michael Youssef



Jack Hibbs


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AMEN AND AMEN, Pastor Jimmy. Praying for doors to open. ✝️🙏

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