Morning Pastor Evans,

Though this my first time posting my wife and I have watched your videos which inspired me to subscribe. We are witnessing the end times and are ready for the Lords return 🙏 Thank you for blessing us with the message of truth and encouragement which we all need now with this fallen world we temporarily live in. 🙏

Pat and Bret Dixon

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Good morning pastor Evans,

This is my first post, I listened to your messages during the last year, was moved by your endtime messages that I subscribed. I am listening to more of your messages. Thank you for your dedication!!

Matt Macrina

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Thank you so much Jimmy - you have blessed my 6yr old daughter and I with your guidence.

Thank you for teaching us Gods way.

I listen to your episodes over and over and I learn something new everyday.

I found you on youtube about 7yrs ago at the start of the most horrific times of my life and I would not have gotten through it without you preaching Gods word in a way I can understand it. I thank Lord Jesus Christ everyday and I'm so grateful he brought you into our lives.

You are my pastor and I am so proud and grateful to you.

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Yes. Thank you Jimmy for your Marriage councel and seminars and Tipping point.

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Thinking on way to give back best. Just heard news that Marcus Lamb of Daystar has passed.

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Has been a blessing.. that that many ppl want to talk about end times you have been doing it for a while, and you make it simple for us to understand it

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I am so glad to belong to this community. It has replaced almost all my news sources. It is so encouraging but I think we could go a step further in sharing our hope in Jesus. We need a small lapel pin, that says,

Tipping Point, The End Is Here, Let me tell you about my Jesus!!

I think it will start some very good conversation .

Love you Pastor Jimmy a blessed Christmas to you and your sweet family🎄

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Pastor Jimmy. I would like to give a donation but the account only shows up US states and country? Is there another route for us out of country?

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Thank you Kari, God Bless

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I'm very blessed to be able to be the part of this community!

Now this is the only way for me to be a part of a christian community, and talk with others about the word of God, the end times, prophecies, and other things. And I'm very thankful.

Few weeks ago I searched for a possibility to give more to the Tipping Point, not just the monthly fee for a subscription. And finally I found it in this article today. :-) God is great! He always have an answer for our questions.

Intil this montha iI paid my monthly tie to a church which Im not a member really. And I didnt felt myself confortable because of this But finally I found the right place to give my tie, because it will help to reach more people for the Kingdom!

So, I will use this link to give:


I hope its possible from Hungary, Europe.

And I want to ask:

I need nothing back!

No books, no cd-s, no letters please. Its a pure giving for the Kingdom, around the 10th day of every month.

I hope the credit card payment system will work. :-) GBU all!

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Been blessed with the information here and enjoying my trial, I wish I could afford it all year round and am happy to see you encourage others to give to others this great blessing. I will try to save and come back after my trial ends, keep up the great work and keep on sharing God's word.

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Pastor Jimmy, thank you first for all (SO MUCH) that I've received from you, but today especially for your friendship to the Lambs. After the announcement I was comforted to remember of how close you are to them. This doesn't only affect them, but it comforts me greatly because I know your love for them eases this time for my Pastors Kendra and Dusty because this is affecting them in a big way. Trinity may not be my home church but you are certainly one of my Pastors, and I'm more than happy to give back just a fraction of what you have given me. Praying for you continually through this.

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So blessed to have you all in my life.

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I have been so blessed with Jimmy Evans gift in teaching the Bible. I have been a Christian since 1982 and have been hot and cold in my walk with the Lord. Lately, cold. I just get caught up in the worries of life. It is my cross. However, I always knew that the Lord would "wake me up" when He wanted me to know something or if I wondered too far.

I have always loved end times prophecy, but it has been a while since I have been a student of it. I “stumbled” on Jimmy Evans end times videos on YouTube and gobbled them up. The Lord used those videos to light a new fire in my heart. Wow! I am sharing and spreading the gospel like the COVID virus coming out of China. Even my wife is looking at me weird (she isn’t saved but she will be! Haha)

I have always been a fence sitter on Pre-tribulation-mid-tribulation, and post-tribulation rapture stuff. I have always thought, nobody really knows, so we need to be ready for anything. After listening to Jimmy's arguments, I am pre-tribulation rapture fan all the way now baby! Come Lord Come! I am so on fire for the Lord right now and thankfully just in time! Ha-ha. Kidding aside, I am now exploring Jimmy's other videos on marriage, self-improvement, and of course, his videos on end-times.

I bought his 21-days to Freedom course and am a subscriber to tipping point ministry. I connect with Jimmy's teaching and insight. I am thankful, very thankful, that I am walking strong with the Lord again shedding hurts and disappointments along the way so I can truly walk and get rid of that inconsistent walk I have had in the past. I truly believe that God’s love is the most powerful force in the universe. When he says He ain’t letting you go, believe it, he ain’t letting you go! God bless you Jimmy.

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God woke me up by leading me to Jimmy’s teaching on the end times. Now I’m going back to church, reading His Word and listening to his podcasts and watching his videos. Now I’m a subscriber and love his teaching. Hearing the word and learning from Jimmy’s teaching has brought me closer to the Lord.

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