Great article Pastor Jimmy. When we step back and look at the big picture, I think pretty much all the signs are present. In a recent dream, He showed me He was right at the doorstep, about to enter. For us TP family, I think we all see this pretty obviously. Amazing how quickly the signs have progressed. Signs in the heavens - significant and unprecedented weather changes since 2020 all across the US. Lots of signs in the sun, moon, stars. The earthquake levels are unprecedented. This week, the daily earthquake meter for quakes over 1.0 has been hovering around 300/day. And we are getting big ones 6.0 and larger almost every day, sometimes multiples on certain days. It’s never been like this since I’ve been watching. Apostasy has thoroughly progressed in much of the church and much of the church has veered away from its foundation of the Bible. The love of many is growing cold and is it’s own kind of apostasy from norm. The world moves inevitably back towards the globalism of Babel. The technology is now present in the past 70 years to be able to make it possible for no flesh to survive. The technology is present to enforce a global currency system. 2 banks failed this week and others are coming under pressure (possible to start this transition). “Alien encounters” and unexplained phenomena on a significant rise. Knowledge will abound - the rise of AI and the doubling of technology every 12 hours - has put us on course to re-enter the times of Babel. Nanotechnology, robotics. Genetic manipulation technology of every living organism puts us right back at Noah’s day, likely to converge with bad spiritual actors in the days following our extraction. General increase in vulcanism, 2 new volcanoes are having big swarms and likely to erupt soon in Alaskan peninsula. Wars, rumors of wars - we look to be headed towards larger global conflict in the coming months and years. Daniel says there will be wars and desolations to the end. Pestilence- covid was a world changing event and it would seem that more/worse are in years ahead, especially as we see disease adapt to medicine. The return of Israel to her land and her flourishing in an consistently hostile environment since she returned. I’m trying to think what signs haven’t happened yet. Some prophecy yes, but trying to think of other signs and can’t think of any. We are fully in the season. I’ve been thinking a lot about our next step, in being with Him full time and serving Him in His coming kingdom. And what that will be like. It will be amazing to be in a kingdom of all things made right and a love of all things good, by everyone. Not having to stress about bills or sin or conflict or any of the things we wrestle with, It will be just amazing. God bless all of you my family on this fine Sunday.

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So true Pastor Jimmy, society has become very cold towards others. 😔 I've experienced this coldness personally, in my former workplaces, and my social circles.But thanks be to God I found and communicate with warm and loving Christians at TP community.☺

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Boy! If we're still here around December and the time of Pastor Jimmy's Israel tour, I will be completely surprised. In the words of the late Regis Philbin "Things are outta control!!!!!!".....on a serious note, we'll see if we still have a spendable U.S. dollar by tomorrow.

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We sure do see this sign all around us. People are so self centered now. I have never seen times like we are living in. Keeps me alert and ready to see the face of my Savior any day now. His coming is so very close. God bless you pastor Jimmy!

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Very true! And it definitely looks like the U.S. will be participating in the strike on Iran. Tick tock...

https://www.timesofisrael.com/iaf-fighter-jets-refuelers-hold-air-drill-with-us-forces-thought-to-focus-on-iran/ Israeli fighter jets and refueler aircraft on Sunday began a two-week air drill with the US Air Force at an airbase in Nevada, a joint activity thought to be focused on Iran, with officials saying the exercises would include long-range flights and simulate strikes in unfamiliar enemy territory.

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Amen and as always thank you pastor Jimmy- My prayer is for those who do not know the Holy Spirit, have not accepted Jesus and the Gospel. I pray that as believers we can affect those around us and our beloved family members who have formulated their own belief system that is not based on Biblical truth. Hell is absolutely terrifying and forever, so lets focus on what we can do in this short time we have left...

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Thanks for encouraging us with the truth of God’s word. God’s description of those who love themselves is so vivid I can’t help but think of the trial that has been going on in South Carolina. It seems to be just the tip of the iceberg of deep rooted corruption that is about to be uprooted and revealed. This man loved himself to the point that murdering other people to move them out of his way seemed appropriate and acceptable. My heart is saddened by the thought that anyone could get to that point, but there are many out there just like him. Scripture says we become like the thing or person we worship, and we have seen that in his example. I have been praying for him and his family. God can use such times to bring a person to repentance and salvation.

Your podcast reminds me that Jesus’ return is imminent, and we all need to look within our own hearts and decide who it is we love the most, God or mammon. It can’t be both, it has to be one or the other. God must be first in our hearts.

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From my own family there is much cold behaviors that i am experiencing so much.....I find for myself i have to stay in the word continuously to encourage myself like King David did..Bless you Pastor Jimmy for all your information that we receive....

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As always, thank you pastor Jimmy! Yes we are indeed closer every day.

Shaking (everything that can)

Groaning (all creation)

Perplexities (even the lost ??ing)

Definitely very strong birth pains (causing shaking and groaning!) He is the Deliverer and we have nothing to fear! LOOK UP He's coming on the clouds.

I am laughing as with osteoarthritis and now vertigo I am definitely a shaker and groaner!! BUT ONE DAY SOON this old body will become a glorified body. Hallelujah to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I'm ready Lord whenever You are!

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"If not for the coming of the Son of man surely all would die." The one thing that was always missing during 45 years of rapture planning would be people getting into each others faces the way it is described in Genesis. Yet since the pandemic I have become wary of people, reacting to each other with such rage as to be willing to kill at the least provocation. I myself was almost killed on the expressway when a road rage incident exploded next to me. I was cruising at 60 mph alone when a car passed me on the left. I didn't notice right away, but he had a tail gater following behind just 6 feet off his rear bumper. The driver who first passed me started pacing me in order to box the tailgater in. Before I could properly assess what was happening the second driver, who was beside me not even slightly ahead of me, swung to the right cutting me off. When he did, all I could do was hit the brakes hard. My car lurched right, thank God the woman behind me was a safe distance back and gave me room to regain control. My first reaction was to get angry and to chase. What would I have done if I caught him? I had to let it and him go. An hour later I witnessed the exact same scenario happen in front of me. That's when I started to shake. I have come to the conclusion now that He is waiting just long enough to remind us all that we are not the ones in charge. Remember to hold on. Just a little longer. He promised!

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I love all your posts & shows Pastor Jimmy, every single one speaks to my heart & a lot to my past & some I’m still dealing with now.

I hope it’s ok that I share your posts & shows with as many people who will listen or may listen?

I share them on all the social media sites I belong too & personally with friends & family. If you do not want me to share them please let me know?

I have had people reshare & comment favorably & a few not so nice comments & I’ve had some people reach out in private messenging to ask me questions.

I feel like the time is so short now & if by sharing we can reach one more for Jesus then that’s a good thing?

Many of you know my personal testimony & I have battled most of the sins listed in this post & I thank you for the reminders to seek God’s love & to love others more than myself.

Funny thing though throughout my whole life when money was tight & I was evicted from many places, even while living apart from God, I never worried about money & God has always provided for me, even when I wasn’t living a Godly life, but I always believed in God & when I sinned/sin, I feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit that always brought me back to God.

I look back on my life & wish I’d never strayed from God & when I was younger I wish I’d always lived close to Jesus.

I struggle with guilt over how many times I strayed from God In selfishness & seeking comfort & pleasure in all the wrong places & it always ended up a train wreck but thank God for His unlimited Grace who kept loving me & taking me back again & again in His true loving embrace.

God bless you all so very much for being such a blessing to me.

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If /when one decides to probe these people....often find...agnostic beliefs or "more than one path to salvation" plus ignoring large swathes of scripture. It is very hard to discuss much with them of eternal significance....I used to try ...but so many made it clear they did not want to hear...and they NEVER asked any questions.....so while I still reach out to new people often....my friends who have rejected the message now only get the dust off my sandals...but alas....if they want to know it must be them who come running......

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Now that I'm bedridden I'm outside of the world. Due to my situation I'm very socially isolated. People are behaving colder and more selfishly. They're not just turning from G_d, they have hatred for those who love G_d and the things of G_d. They don't value any life but their own. Their conscience is also gone.

The falling away of the church has hit me personally. I also see it happening on a large scale.

Different subject some place it tells that in the last days satan will weary the saints minds and bodys. Although I've prayed and continue to pray when I'm able, I feel this weariness coming against me. It's weakeked me to the point that it takes all my energy and my breath to go to the bathroom and get back to bed. I don't make it to the kitchen anymore. My bathroom is about 6' from my bed. Sometimes I'm so weak that I have to hold myself up using the night stand, dresser and wall to get to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I thankful that I have everything close to hang onto. I'm so weak and out of breath after it's all I can do to get back to bed. After I pray in my mind until I fall asleep. My caregiver is such a blessing. He has put a little refrigerator on the dresser so I can have drinks and not be dehydrated and little snacks. We're on our own with Lord's guidance. It's coming together. Due to the weakness, tiredness, and being so out of breath I have made out my DNR with my doctor. There's no medical intervention that I can trust based on my previous experience. At my last in person visit I had 17 tubes of blood drawn. There's really no need for medical intervention. Whatever G_d's will for me is what I want. Yours in Christ Jesus.

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I hope we don’t have to wait until the feast of trumpets

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I assume I am younger than most of you here in this blessed community. I'm in my thirties; still, I long for the glorious appearing of my Lord Jesus Christ in the air where I finally get to meet Him in the clouds and be snatched away from this world.

I really appreciated this article, Ps Jimmy! It just gives me comfort and also confirms a thought inspired by the Lord one morning last year: 'love waxing cold...' - the zeitgeist that's also predicted in the Bible.

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Mar 12, 2023·edited Mar 12, 2023

It has been common to hear, "I must admit you have been the most courteous & understanding person I have spoken with" when reaching out for help from different businesses.

I was at Mardel & they accidentally put my husband's name on my journal instead of mine. They were able to put a plate with my name over my husbands. And to me, that was just fine. I assured them it was not a problem. They were busy, and I was having 3 items engraved. Mistakes happen. The assistant manager thanked me for being so understanding. She said they have many pastors & people that are very angry, rude & downright ugly with them. I said, "in a Christian store?". Folks we are there as Pastor Jimmy reminds us in this recent article.

I recently watched this video on YouTube AI chat bot claims its possesed by fallen angel Nephilim demons. This stuff is serious. I am reminded we are living so close to the return of our Lord. Here is the link if any of you would like to watch it.


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