Good Morning Folks… would you kindly join me in prayer for my two sons and granddaughter? They are under horrible satanic attacks. I too have been experiencing an unbelievable, unexplainable physical heaviness that crushing. All I am doing is pleading the Blood of Jesus over them and me and asking God’s will be done. Ever since I have been praying for their salvation truly all hell has broken loose around me and them. I would soo appreciate your help!!!

Thank you so much

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Jimmy I like you have thought that the rapture may happen at the feast of trumpets but according to Amir Tsarfati the rapture can occur at any time and is not limited to any two day period. He says that Jesus will fulfill the feast of trumpets at the second coming, then the repentance of Israel will fulfill Yom Kippur followed by Israel entering the Millennial Kingdom which will fulfill the Feast of Tabernacles. This seems to make sense, what do you think? Here is his article.

Amir Tsarfati

In a few days, Jews around the world will celebrate the Feast of Trumpets. Known in the Hebrew Bible as “Yom Truah”, it is traditionally referred by the Hebrew “Rosh Hashanah”, or “the head of the year”.

Too many Christians are looking at this day on the Hebrew calendar as the day of the rapture because of the reference to the trumpet of God in 1 Thessalonians 4 and in 1 Corinthians 15.

Let me make it very clear - the trumpet of the rapture is the trumpet of God, not one belonging to Jews who gather in a synagogue to blow a shofar.

Just as the four spring festivals were fulfilled in their chronological order during the first century, the last three will be fulfilled in the near future in a chronological order, as well.

Thus, the only future event that can possibly be the fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets is the second coming of Jesus. But that will not be FOR the church but WITH the church.

That event will be followed by the repentance of Israel, which will fulfill Yom Kippur. Then their entering into the Millennial Kingdom to fulfill the Feast of Tabernacles.

The rapture requires no specific day on the Hebrew calendar. It is imminent. No one knows the day or the hour. The rapture isn’t limited to only two days each year.

Be ready today!

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So, I have always looked forward to Rosh Hashanah, as an opportunity to say Lord, we know You are coming for Your Bride, Your Church, to keep us out of Your coming wrath at which time You will judge the Nations for 7 years. I can honestly say it has never been a downer when He did not come. And of course, we all know that Jimmy could be wrong and Amir could be right. But just like Christmas comes every year and we get to open a gift by way of remembering that Jesus gave the ultimate gift to all who would receive, and be Saved. Once a year Rosh Hashanah comes around and we remember, Jesus is Coming. At least I do. And it is one of the most wonderful thoughts of my year. My Blessed Hope. And Yours. He says He has gone to prepare a place for us. And when it’s ready, it could be on Rosh Hashanah as Jimmy has skillfully pointed out. And so the butterflies start to flutter with anticipation just like a kid, It could be this year. It really could. And if any year would make sense for it to happen, it actually would be THIS year! All the pieces of the end-times puzzle are coming together at lightning speed, as Jimmy again has skillfully pointed out, year after year after year.... Johnathan Cahn will blow the last trump and at the actual time we will either still be here, or we will be in Heaven!! If we are here, then we go on living for Jesus. And if we are in Heaven.... then this was the year and Jimmy was right and Amir was wrong. I obviously love them both. Don’t you? And I don’t really care. Just like I love to pull that red bow on my Christmas present at Christmas, I will be holding my breath on Rosh Hashanah once again. I will be watching from home like many of you, as I just had surgery, and I live far from Texas, but I am happy for all my friends who will be there in person. How fun, to be together on such a wonderful day! Jimmy had a great idea right? Especially if it’s the Day. What a witness. Believe the best God’s Word says. We will know soon. Only one week away. Love ya all. 🌺

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I silently prayed, "Father, let Your Home be nearly prepared for your bride." He softly answered, "It is."

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I am looking up and praying. I also have children and family members that I request prayer for. Some have know Jesus and have strayed and some need a true encounter with Jesus. I want them all to know Him 🙏🏼🥰 I will also being praying for others 🙏🏼✝️

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I agree with you Mr. Evans. I believe the Rapture will happen during this period. We just don't know what year it will happen. As to the condition the world is in, I believe it is going to happen very soon. I'm Ready, as is my wife.

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GM TP fam♥️ it’s almost a year since I joined even though I watched all the videos before. I mainly subscribed last Oct so I could watch the conference which totally blessed me♥️ I’m trying to be sensitive to all opinions, comments & this ministry.

First, charging a monthly/yearly subscription IS a form of tithing. If you do it yearly, it comes to $6.40 a month which is less than a McDonald’s meal or even a drink for that matter. TP probably does this for several reasons & im thinking one is only members can comment. Can you imagine how invaded we would get by haters or nonbelievers? There would be an ocean of comments we wouldn’t be able to be the close family we are. Second, if I’m going to travel, it would be to visit my son in salt lake. I was hoping to watch the conference as a subscriber but if I have to pay the streaming fee, so be it! I don’t have to worry about the seat location & such. Gods paying for my subscription! Lol

I buy all of Jimmys books, Mark H books, Amir’s books, Perry stone, David Jeremiah, Jeff Kinley Jack Hibbs, & more! I watch all of these pastors or teachers free on YouTube & am blessed! They are all pretty much same page on end times! Praise the Lord! I do somewhat get annoyed with promoting all of these trips to Israel whether Perry, David J or TP as again I would visit my son & brand new grandson♥️ I’m going to visit the new heavens & new earth & LIVE in the NEW JERUSALEM very soon🥰 and Jesus paid for that too!

3rd Jimmy always makes it clear it is his “opinion” that the rapture will happen this wknd, yet scripture is clear on His imminent return. The problem is new believers or even those who who may be less studied will only hear “it’s this weekend” & if it doesn’t happen, there goes the witness! Now we have to wait another year! I feel he stresses the 2-day strong possibility too much.

I’ve also wondered why Jimmy never has Amir as a guest on TP? I’ve learned sooo much about Israel & the Jews from Amir & am very blessed to watch his messages! His app “Behold Israel” is free & very informative, yet I don’t understand half of the texts about what’s going on in the East. & I honestly don’t need to understand the politics.

As far as having to subscribe, my only issue is I would like to share more than what is shareable (if that makes sense). I can screenshot some but it’s not the same & I feel a lot of ppl would be saved if I could share more of this site.

I know that masking & mandates are coming very soon:( I know the cashless society is on the brink. I know the one world order is way past baby stage. These are definitely the times Jesus warned about! I am more than ready to meet my precious Savior ♥️♥️ I can hear His footsteps on the canopy, & Jesus is saying...Ready or not, here I come!!🙏❤️

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Messianic Jews also have strong beliefs regarding the fulfillment of the final three feasts. They believe the Feast of Trumpets will occur and be fulfilled at the Second Coming of Christ. They do not connect Rosh Hashanah to the rapture. They believe the Rapture is imminent and will happen at any moment, but it is not connect to the Feast of Trumpets. Now, I am a member and I look forward to the weekly updates, but on this one, detailed point, I will have to side with the Messianic Jews. There is some danger in preaching that Jesus gathering us in the clouds will only occur over a two day time period…. Out of 365. When it doesn’t occur, people will be let down and then wait 363 days til the next feast. That is not the doctrine of imminency.

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David Patterson that was not very Christian like either. Same thought passed through my mind as Mr. Flores. I would love to be able to attend this conference online, but I truly cannot afford it.

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Sounds Wonderful to Me!!🎺⛅️

Our last week!!🙌🙌❤️

Please join me in doing communion today and everyday leading up to Friday❤️

God Bless Everyone💗

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Amen 🙌🏼. Maranatha

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Whether the rapture happens this weekend or not, I know I’m ready!

Just a thought. The feast of Pentecost also started the church age. Right? Maybe I’m wrong. It’s definitely a Jewish feast.

If it did start the church age, which I believe I did, it started a new dispensation. Now salvation came thru the blood of Christ. He paid the price for all sin.

Could the FOT be the bookend to the FOP by the rapture happening, closing the church age?

After the rapture, a new salvation dispensation starts. Not only does one have to put their faith in Christ death, burial and resurrection, but they also will most likely have to pay the price with their blood.

Although, some will not be killed to repopulate the earth in the millennium. Only believers move into this last 1000 years. I’m guessing the 144,000 sealed Jews are part of that group? Not sure on that one.

So two questions to Jimmy, Mark and/or community.

1. Could Pentecost and Trumpets be bookends to the church age? Am I correct saying Pentecost was the beginning of the church age?

I know Amir disagrees that the rapture will be fulfilled at FOTs. I respect his biblical knowledge just as I respect Jimmy’s. Jimmy makes it clear it’s “his opinion”.

2. Do the 144,000 sealed Jewish disciples move into the millennium in a new immortal body or as regular humans? What happens to them at Christ 2nd coming?

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Come Lord Jesus..... Maranatha..!!

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick note that back in March I created a Telegram channel for folks going to the Tipping Point Conference, to help us hopefully coordinate meeting each other somehow. Please feel free to join and communicate during the conference however you need to. Please forgive me in advance for posting this same message on each post Pastor Jimmy makes this week just to make sure that everyone sees it. The link will also be able to be accessed by clicking on my profile picture.


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Come Lord Jesus!!

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So looking forward to the Conference on line. Thanks Pastor Jimmy for organizing this and the guest speakers. God bless🙏

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